Health Facts

What is constipation?

Tunnel Elimination is the way most of us eliminate. We literally eliminate through a tunnel of waste that surrounds the walls of the colon. At times this tunnel is the size of a pencil, other times the tunnel is completely closed. Having one bowl movement a day leads many to believe that we are not constipated, when in fact many are. When you do not eliminate immediately after one meal you are constipated. Our elimination system is built upon our digestive system, which explains why babies eat and eliminate at the same time. This is called the push system with one meal pushing another meal out of the body.


Is Once-A-Day Elimination Normal?

NO! The established healthcare will tell you that a one-a-day elimination is normal. In fact, if you do not feel the urge to eliminate within five minutes to a half-hour of eating you are constipated. This is the “push system” at its best. The meal “just eaten” is pushing “the fast meal eaten” put of the body. Established healthcare physicians are victims of colon cancer more than any other profession simply because they practice what they preach. Most established healthcare physicians do not consider body waste a part of most health problems.


Why is it important to properly clean your body?

Waste elimination is of paramount importance and yet the elimination of body wasted is hardly ever mentioned in medical establishments of our society. We carry waste in our bodies for years, either through ignorance or laziness, as if it were a vital part of us, literally poisoning daily. Our bodies possess the world’s greatest sewage system, but through years of eating process foods, many of us have become stopped up cesspools.


How does a colon become Toxic?
In our bodies, we carry accumulated body waste, which in most instances, has been in our bodies since childhood. In the colon, this old waste is similar in consistency to tire rubber, it surrounds the walls of the colon, removes the protective coating on the colon wall and allows waste to leak right into the blood stream. Doctors began to chase shadows because the blood touches every cell in the body and waste now affects the entire system. If you do not clean the colon and body there is simply no way to have optimum health and for many the colon is so polluted it cannot do its job. This hardened, encrusted fecal matter also plays host to an array of to parasites, worms and their waste


Does waste contribute to being overweight?

Always remember that nobody is overweight. Just over waste. If you begin eliminating three to four times a day with Body Balance Living products you will have begun not only empting your colon of old accumulated body waste, but also gravity will pull the old garbage from your whole body to the colon if you just make room in the colon with three of four bowel movements a day. It is impossible to make room in the colon, with just one, elimination a day. You must open up the bottom and let the old garbage out of the body. The garbage is the beginning of your health problems.


What is Visceral fat?

Visceral fat is fat that is deep inside the abdomen, around the organs. Visceral fat,unfortunately, is thought to be much more significant for disease risk than subcutaneous fat.

How can love handles and a potbelly be so deadly? A growing stack of research reveals that killer fat (visceral fat) is stored around your internal organs. While hip, thigh, and butt fat are relatively benign, belly fat increases your risk for high blood pressure, blood clots, and cholesterol trouble. Belly fat also starts a chain of biochemical events that leads to insulin resistance -- a precursor of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, breast and prostate cancer, and even kidney failure and Alzheimer’s disease.

We consider visceral fat so serious that we’ve named waist measurement as one of the six most important numbers to track for your health.


Our Greatest Villain is Mucus

Waste in the form of mucus, “health’s greatest villain, is the main cause of disease in the body. There is nothing more detrimental to our health than mucus. MUCUS is ACIDIC! Dried mucus causes sore throats in the common cold. Mucus comes in all consistencies throughout the body from the soft mucus when your nose runs or the crazy glue consistency when we carry pneumonia, to the harden mucus (plaque) that the dentist scraps off our teeth. The greatest contributors to forming mucus are processed foods, meats, sugars, and dairy products. This is why it is vitally important to eliminate mucus from the body. Eliminating mucus will assist in the effort of getting rid of waste, which is the major contributor to being overweight.

The Many forms of Mucus

Friends, the garbage that causes obesity comes in every consistency. In many cases the garbage is hard like a rock or the rubber on tires. This garbage is not only located in the colon, its release from the head in the form of dandruff. Dandruff is mucus coming through the scalp. It exists in sinuses almost similar to crazy glue. The lungs can become infested with mucus which can contribute to the common cold, the flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis, arthritis, and even asthma. Mucus is everywhere; behind the lens of the eye, as glaucoma, and in the uterus as yeast infections or vaginal discharge. The average person carries around 25 pounds of mucus in the body with two to three pounds located in the head.


White Flour Equals “Internal Crazy Glue”

Processed foods, with all the life giving nutrients taken out, causes severe constipation. White flour is one of those agents. If you mix white flour with water and stir it, it creates a glue like pasty substance. That substance can attach in your colon and expand, blocking the proper consist flow of waste from your intestines. Through years of eating processed foods as well as the chemical pollutants that enter our bodies, generations of people are becoming weaker. The strength of the immune system is in your digestive system. A dismal array of waste and parasites poison our bodies daily creating a nest of diseases. An amazing statistic is 1 out of every three Americans will get cancer and 2 out of three will die from it. The primary organ that is attacked by cancer today is the colon. The colon is meant to perform as the most amazing sewage system. Removing the old waste from the colon and cleansing the blood at the same time causes some remarkable health improvements.



Speaking at lectures on fasting and nutrition, I have had numerous people come up afterward and passionately state, oh and no, you see I tried fasting years ago and it was awful. I will never do that again. They go on to describe headaches, shakes, and weakness, experienced after only a few hours of missing a meal.It was clear by looking at their well-rounded bodies they had eating disorders and it was difficult for them to skip meal. Hunger meant pain. No amount of words could persuade them that their negative experience had nothing to do with starvation and everything to do with detoxifying years of unhealthy eating. Horror filled their faces when I accounted joyously going weeks without solid food.

Our body has a brief opportunity to cleanse while we sleep a mini-fast. With great patience. After melatonin, the hormone which causes us to be drowsy, sinks us into sleep-state the miraculous work of cleansing begins. Breakfast is appropriately named, breaking the nightly fast with a morning meal. Upon awakening, the tongue is coated, breath foul, skin puffy and mind foggy. These are nights from a life of feasting. A breakfast of bacon, eggs, side order of pancakes and a cup of coffee is a sure way of halting detoxification. Of course you instantly feel better, attributing it to greasy breakfast.

The negative experience in the first few days of a fast is detoxification a lifetime of toxins stored up in fatty tissue, crammed into the body, meal after meal. During a fast, countless toxins dramatically enter into the bloodstream at a rapid rate. This may be the body’s first chance to detoxify. Our unhealthy lifestyle does not lend itself to a friendly introduction of fasting’s true character.

Most people make the mistake of trying their very first fast on water, not preparing with a transition of eating fresh fruit and vegetables two weeks before the fast, easing detoxification. So they bail out after a day, left with and entrenched wrong impression that fasting is about bad breath, weakness and headaches, mistaking detoxification with fasting.

The truth of the matter is the North American diet never allows the body to cleanse itself. We eat all the time. The math is simple, when the intake of calories is greater than the amount burned the results will be stored body fat. It is the same with toxins. When intake of toxins is greater then removed, the results will be toxic overload. If you are over weight this can be a pretty good sign you are carrying around a storehouse of toxins which affect your normal cell functions. What happens if the toxic-load is greater then the internal-caretaker can remove? Sickness, weakened immune system and premature death, are the plagues of our modern lifestyle.

If you could study the body’s cells, it would tell a story, a history of every substance you’ve eaten, breathed and come in contact with. Two thousand year ago people did not inhale air pollution, clean their homes with formaldehyde and ammonia or wear clothes saturated with chemical fabric softeners against their skin. They did not drink water laced with chlorine or eat foods containing a list of unpronounceable names like sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate (which was found in a loaf of all natural wheat bread we purchased) not to mention the multitude of chemicals found in shampoo, deodorant, mouthwash, and tooth paste, all of which can be found in every cell of our 20th century bodies. Our environment has been dramatically altered and so has the human machine.

I have heard people proclaim that Jesus forty day fast must have been a miracle, an exercise in pain and self martyrdom. This could not be further from the truth, people judge Jesus 40 day fast according to their few days experience of detoxifying. Due to a natural diet Jesus body was clean and would not have undergone detoxification. I can say from personal experience fasting with a clean body is nothing like the state of detoxification. The body enters into an extra ordinary condition of peace and calm a rare, quiet space where the inner life takes on vivid reality. Mind clears yes there is a weakness, a pleasing relaxed island in a sea of tempestuous bustle.

I believe Jesus fast was the highlight of his stay on earth. Away from demanding crowds alone with his father who he fiercely loved. Body stilled spirit acutely strong. Many times Jesus slipped away to pray with his father, avoiding the physical world experiencing the omnipresence of God the father. (Luke 5:16).

The forty day fast must have been a liberating taste of his heavenly state, body weakened, spirit strengthened. The temptations of Satan did not stand a chance. Jesus was fully prepared.

Historically man lived on a sparse diet free from pesticides, food additives, drugs and toxins. Today we consume more toxic substances than all generations before us. Levels of built up lead in our bones can be 200 times greater compared to those excavated from the period of Christ. Through air, water, food and even a mother’s milk, there is absorption of thousands of toxins and chemicals that saturate the environment. During fasting, these toxins are released into the bloodstream making water fasting almost impossible for the first time faster.

The three ways our bodies handle toxins are neutralizing, transforming or eliminating them. Antioxidants neutralize free radials. The liver transforms toxic substance to harmless agents. BLOOD carries waste to the kidneys and or the liver eliminating through the bladder or intestines. Elimination can also occur through sweating during exercise or heat. These are only a few examples of the built-in cleaning mechanisms, working hard to maintain the thousands of miles of tubes and membranes. If all of these systems are working well and we are taking in fewer toxins than the body can detoxify; the result will be vibrant health and long life.

Eliminated during the detoxification process

• Dead, dying, or diseased cells
• Unwanted fatty tissue
• Trans-fatty acids
• Hardening coating of mucus on the intestinal wall
• Toxic waste matter in the lymphatic system and bloodstream
• Toxins in the spleen, liver and kidneys
• Mucus from the lungs and sinuses
• Imbedded toxins in the cellular fibers and deeper organ tissues
• Deposits in the microscopic tubes responsible for nourishing brain cells
• Excess cholesterol

The Results

Mental clarity is improved
• Rapid weight loss is achieved without flabbiness
• The nervous system is balanced
• Energy level is increased
• Organs are revitalized
• Cellular biochemistry is harmonized
• The skin becomes silky, soft and sensitive
• There is greater ease of bowel movement
• Breathing becomes fuller, freer and deeper
• The digestive system is given a well deserved rest

Methods of Detoxification

• Water Fasting
• Raw Food Diet
• Eating Less
• Vegetarian Eating
• Exercise
• Other Detoxification Procedures
• Detoxification aids