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Belly Down™

"The Original Colon Cleanser"
Belly Down™ herbal supplement is a colon cleanser. Its mission is to enhance natural and regular elimination and wean the bowel of the dependency of chemical laxatives. The body has a difficult time eliminating processed foods. The wise adage "you are what you eat" can easily be changed to "you are what you don't eliminate"! For a complete cleansing program, Belly Down™ herbal supplements should be taken with Energizer™. Belly Down™ works with the gall bladder, the organ that holds the bitter gall that comes from the liver that makes you eliminate. When the gall bladder is working at optimum, eating one meal will push out another meal. This is the goal of a bowel movement, to eliminate each preceding meal. Three to four daily bowel movements, consistently, is a good sign of a healthy digestive system.

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